Nestlé Health Science intros Boost Soothe nutritional drink

Nestlé Health Science has unveiled its latest innovation, a clear nutritional drink designed for cancer patients. Boost Soothe, which the company said was designed with input from cancer patients, is designed to provide protein and calories alongside a cooling, soothing effect to help deliver nutrition to patients dealing with such side effects as oral discomfort and taste changes.

"At Nestlé Health Science, we understand that the right nutrition can help patients get the strength they need during immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which can improve outcomes," said Jenny Lewis, associate director of innovation for medical nutrition at Nestlé Health Science. "Our team worked side-by-side with people whose lives are touched by cancer every day to identify side effects that can impact nutritional status. Oral discomfort and taste alteration are key issues that patients deal with, and Boost Soothe nutritional drink was developed to help patients experiencing these side effects get the nutrition they need."

The company said research has found that tailored nutrition interventions can help minimize weight loss, decrease unplanned hospital admissions and improve treatment completion rates, symptom scores and quality of life.

Boost Soothe, which is flavored with a hint of peach-mint, contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and provides 300 calories and 10 g of protein per serving.
Boost Soothe currently is available on the company’s website and on