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New ad campaign advocates 'green prescriptions' in combating chronic conditions


LOS ANGELES - Lifestyle Prescriptions Foundation on Thursday launched the Lifestyle Prescriptions Awareness Campaign to educate health care providers about green prescriptions.

Green prescriptions are based on the newest research in lifestyle medicine showing that stress management, nutrition, fitness and social support can reverse the majority of chronic health issues. Beginning Oct. 27, Lifestyle Prescriptions will implement a global awareness campaign begins that includes free online training and worksheets for health professionals. The campaign will peak March 2017 with the Lifestyle Prescriptions Virtual Health Summit featuring free lectures and advice from lifestyle medicine and self-healing authors and experts.

Many health care providers have started to integrate green prescriptions into their practices already. For example in New Zealand the Ministry of Health encourages doctors to write GRx green prescriptions with diet and exercise goals written on them.

"To our surprise, we realized that not only do nutrition and exercise play a major role in health, but negative emotions like anger or sadness or how we perceive stress also have a significant impact on mind and body," stated Johannes Fisslinger, founder of Lifestyle Prescriptions Foundation and META-Health University. "Becoming aware of this body-mind-social connection encourages a powerful 'Aha' moment and motivates patients to improve lifestyle habits and therefore health."

"Lifestyle prescriptions are a quick and easy way for me as a licensed psychologist to support clients take precise action steps towards self-healing," testified Ilana Fernandez, doctor of psychology. "These cutting-edge advances in understanding the root causes of stressors and illnesses, makes deep and lasting healthier lives possible like never before."

Green prescriptions are very easy to learn and integrate into health care practices and provide a process that allows doctors and traditional-complementary health professionals to use the newest knowledge and strategies in Lifestyle Medicine without having to change the way they work.


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