New line of omega-3 supplements hits market

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New line of omega-3 supplements hits market

By Antoinette Alexander - 06/08/2018
Algae-based nutrition brand iWi announced on Friday its nationwide launch with a line of three different omega-3 supplements: omega-3 complex, DHA and EPA.

The supplements are available at Amazon, the Vitamin Shoppe and Sprouts Farmers Market.

"Here at iWi, our purpose is to create sustainable food solutions for the planet and everyone on it — not only through farming highly sustainable algae that is good for our bodies and for our environment, but also through nurturing relationships between our farms and the surrounding communities," said Miguel Calatayud, CEO. "Our expansion model has always been one of social sustainability. As we grow, we also work closely with the local communities to produce jobs and high quality, vegan, sustainable omega-3s and protein."

The brand is also cultivating a new kind of farmer — one that grows in an arid landscape far from typical agricultural areas and uses one of the most sustainable methods of farming in the world. With little more than saltwater and sunshine, iWi's sustainable, nutrient-filled algae can produce a new crop every single day, the company stated.

In the upcoming months, iWi is planning to announce a number of new products and partnerships, with omega-3 supplements being just the first wave of algae-based innovation the brand brings to market. The brand also plans to introduce protein products starting in 2019, since iWi's algae is more than 35 percent protein by mass and contains all the essential and branch-chain amino acids, the company stated.