Nielsen: Immunity system boosters selling year-round

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Nielsen: Immunity system boosters selling year-round

By Michael Johnsen - 03/27/2018
U.S. consumers are buying cough/cold products year round, particularly immunity system boosters, not just when the need hits them during the typical cough/cold and flu season. According to a teaser for Nielsen's latest Total Consumer Report published Tuesday, cough and cold syrups, drops and lozenges and other remedies were among the top-performing health care items in 2017 as compared with 2016.

Other pockets of opportunity within cough/cold sets include supplements, especially those that help boost the immune system. "From the perspective of supplements, we see preventative health items/products/categories winning compared with those that seek to directly affect or enhance one’s health," Nielsen noted in its blog. "For example, supplements in a general sense are performing very well, growing by 5.5% in dollars this past year. Conversely, sales of supplements used for weight control and for sports declined by 12.3% and 6.5%, respectively."

"While the [VMS] category as a whole has performed incredibly well at +5% sales growth, growth has been multiples higher in many cases. Vitamins and supplements that contain ginger, turmeric or ginkgo as ingredients, for example, have seen double-digit dollar growth of 13%, 17% and 24%, respectively, compared with sales in 2016."


Ginger, turmeric and ginkgo are all known as immunity system boosting supplements.