NPS introduces VirMax Blood Sugar Stabilization Formula

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NPS introduces VirMax Blood Sugar Stabilization Formula

By Michael Johnsen - 02/18/2015

TIMONIUM, Md. — Natural Product Solutions on Wednesday announced the launch of its new VirMax Blood Sugar Stabilization Formula, a once-daily natural supplement that promotes normal blood sugar levels, increases the body’s production of insulin and improves overall cardiovascular health. 


Doctors believe vitamin D plays an active role in regulating pancreatic beta cells, which make insulin, NPS reported. Studies have shown that people who have the lowest vitamin D levels in their blood are at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life. People with low vitamin D levels tend to have higher fasting blood sugar levels, impaired glucose tolerance and a higher incidence of prediabetes. Furthermore, vitamin D plays an important part in the regulation of calcium. Calcium helps to control the release of insulin, so alterations in calcium can have a negative effect on pancreatic function, hindering insulin release.


A recent study involving prediabetics found that most had inadequate magnesium intake. Those with the highest magnesium intake reduced their risk for blood sugar and metabolic problems by 71%. Higher magnesium intake reduces risk of impaired glucose and insulin metabolism and slows progression from prediabetes to diabetes. Inadequate magnesium intake seems to prompt a vicious cycle of low magnesium levels, elevated insulin and glucose levels, and excess magnesium excretion. 


Insulin-like compounds present in bitter melon help improve how the body absorbs and metabolizes sugar, which aids in proper blood sugar regulation. It is also known that bitter melon helps reduce blood-glucose concentrations, suppressing appetite similar to the effects of insulin in the brain.


Chromium decreases fasting glucose levels and improves glucose tolerance in the body by combating cellular insulin resistance, enabling the cells to use the glucose produced from food.


Goldenseal lowers elevated blood sugar levels and steps up the production of insulin in the pancreas.


A significant number of trials have shown cinnamon bark extract to be an effective option for lowering blood sugar in uncontrolled Type 2 diabetics by decreasing insulin resistance. 


Tumeric aids in the reduction of formation of fatty deposits in the arteries, a risk for patients with Type 2 diabetes, by stopping the fatty deposits forming on the inner surfaces of the arteries obstructing the blood flow and improving circulation. 


Research done on normal-weight participants with normal blood sugar levels found that various doses of green coffee bean extract lowered blood sugar due to its concentration of antioxidents. 


And studies have found that caffeic acid inhibits the formation of toxic proteins in the body that can lead to the death of pancreatic beat cells, limiting the body’s production of insulin.