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Obama speaks on health reform while ADA recommends ways to improve the system


CHICAGO The American Dietetic Association welcomed President Barack Obama to discuss ways of helping people get and stay healthy in a more cost-effective manner.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, the government is looking for ways to effectively reform the nation’s healthcare system. According to ADA president Jessie M. Pavlinac, it is vital that people return to such basics as eating right.

"Nearly half the people in the United States suffer from preventable chronic conditions. That helps explain why chronic disease accounts for 75% of healthcare spending," Pavlinac said. "Many of the most common and costly conditions are linked to diet. As we see the life expectancy of our children declining, due largely to excess weight and obesity, we know it is time to act, even if the magnitude of these problems defies easy remedy."

Pavlinac continued to explain that a healthy diet is about eating right, not less. He claimed that making nutrition a healthcare reform priority could help all Americans have access to healthy food, high-quality health services provided by health teams (including registered dietitians) and health information technology.

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