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Omnis Health launches new gestational diabetes care kit


NASHVILLE — Earlier this year, Omnis Health created a dedicated diabetes-management solution for some 375,000 women diagnosed with gestational diabetes who are extremely passionate, both about managing their condition and the health of their newborns. It’s certainly a niche category, but the retailer who provides a direct solution to gestational diabetes may capture that family’s entire health spend moving forward.

(To view the full Diabetes Report, click here.)

“It’s a segment that, unfortunately, gets rolled into the general population of diabetes as a whole,” Cathy Pereira, Omnis Health EVP global sales and marketing, told Drug Store News earlier this year. “When we looked at gestational diabetes, no one is paying attention to this segment,” she said. “[Approximately] 9.3% of pregnant women develop gestational diabetes, [and] these women are looking for education and for someone to walk and guide them through the process of, ‘What does this mean now?’”

To help facilitate the connective tissue between retailer and that pregnant mom, Omnis Health couples a nine-week care kit with a communication and marketing vehicle. “Embrace Better Care creates an effective way to tether customers to the pharmacies where they purchased their Embrace brand products, while building loyalty to that pharmacy,” Pereira said.

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