One Drop takes blood glucose monitoring system direct to consumer through Amazon


NEW YORK — One Drop on Tuesday announced that its blood glucose monitoring system One Drop | Chrome is now available for purchase on Amazon Prime. One Drop is a diabetes management platform that harnesses the power of mobile computing and data science to empower people with diabetes to improve their health and lives. According to industry data, more than 66 million consumers in the U.S. have Amazon Prime memberships.

"With the rise of telemedicine, mobile health tracking, wearables and customized medical devices for immediate purchase online, consumers now have the power to receive the personalized, data-driven care they deserve without having to jump through insurance hurdles," stated Jeff Dachis, CEO One Drop. "For the 30 million Americans with diabetes, the ability to order One Drop | Chrome on Amazon Prime is yet another step in the right direction. We are expanding our reach to serve more people with better service, delivering affordable, accessible and effective diabetes care wherever you are."

Developed for those living with diabetes and prediabetes, the One Drop | Chrome meter delivers clinically proven, accurate blood glucose readings in five seconds. The blood glucose data are then wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to the One Drop | Mobile app. Users can view their blood glucose data alongside their medication, food and exercise data, which can be immediately shared with in-app diabetes coaches, health care teams and the One Drop community of nearly 200,000 users located in over 200 countries all over the world.

A recent study of the One Drop community demonstrated that One Drop app users report a substantial improvement in glycemic control, reducing A1c by 1 percentage point after using One Drop for as little as two months.

For users looking for affordable diabetes supplies and expert advice from certified diabetes educators, One Drop offers the option to upgrade to their subscription services, which includes unlimited blood glucose testing supplies and unlimited coaching for less than the cost of a co-pay. One Drop has fully embraced the direct-to-consumer model, offering all products and services without requiring health insurance, prescriptions or medical appointments.


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