Packaged Facts: Healthy eating replacing interest in diet aids


ROCKVILLE, Md. — Nearly 100 million Americans, or 42% of the adult population, are actively trying to lose weight or maintain their current weight, according to survey data published by market research firm Packaged Facts released Monday.


According to the data, compared to years past, consumers attempting to lose and maintain weight are looking for healthy foods and shunning brands and products that emphasize weight loss, weight maintenance benefits or dieting in general. Negative consumer sentiment is also associated with the use of descriptors including “low,” “light” and “reduced,” Packaged Facts said. 


Despite the shift, there remains opportunity for traditional diet plans to thrive, the survey suggests. For such brands as Weight Watchers, marketing products to Americans who are significantly overweight might be a winning strategy, as the survey indicated that dieters who report being 30 or more pounds overweight are more likely to use non-prescription diet products and commercial weight loss systems.  For example, 19% of significantly overweight dieters use Weight Watchers, compared to only 11% of other weight loss dieters.

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