Payfone and higi showcase upgraded digital experience

Payfone, a leading digital identity authentication network, and higi, a population health enablement company, on Monday unveiled a "Future of Healthcare Engagement Technology" experience at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference in Las Vegas. The interactive demonstration showcased innovative capabilities from Payfone and higi that enable an elevated digital engagement experience for scalable population health solutions while protecting protected health information.

"We take pride in empowering enterprises across all sectors to deliver seamless, instant and secure experiences for their customers," Rodger Desai, CEO of Payfone, said. "For the healthcare industry, that means allowing consumers to safely and conveniently access services like higi's that can improve their health, while enforcing the highest levels of protected health information security. We are excited that our partnership with higi will allow us to use our advanced technology to better the lives and health of Americans."

By rolling out Payfone's secure passive identity authentication technology, which is also used by six of the top 10 banks in the United States, across higi's 11,000 FDA-cleared self-screening kiosks across the U.S., higi will enable consumers to experience an easier way to measure and track their health data and share it with healthcare organizations and pharmacy retailers for immediate recommendations at a point of care.

Through the Payfone integration, individuals can use their cell phone to log in to a higi health station and initiate digital messaging from their health network.

"As consumers look for easier and more secure ways to manage their health data, we are thrilled to partner with Payfone and further our commitment to empowering consumers to be their healthiest while making it easier along the way," Jeff Bennett, CEO of higi, said. "With the combined Payfone and higi capabilities, healthcare organizations can leverage a consumer-centric model to deploy scalable population health programs over a safe, secure and real-time digital platform."