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Personalized solutions: Q&A with TopRx's Scott Franklin


Scott Franklin, president of TopRx

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., TopRx is a leading national distributor of generic pharmaceuticals. Drug Store News caught up with president Scott Franklin to discuss what’s on the horizon for TopRx.

DSN: Tell us about TopRx.

Scott Franklin: We’re a leading supplier of generic pharmaceuticals, select brand pharmaceuticals, OTC healthcare products, vitamins and pharmacy supplies, and currently serve more than 7,000 pharmacies — both small independent stores and large national chains — across all 50 states. We’re an Authorized Distributor of Record for more than 90 generic pharmaceutical manufacturers, and our prices are competitive with even the largest wholesalers.

Over the last 29 years, our outstanding customer service has continued to set us apart. We offer each customer personalized solutions that add value to their business and allow them to operate more efficiently and effectively, and aim to develop long-term relationships with our clients to provide solutions that address their business needs.

DSN: What do you see as the biggest strengths, opportunities and challenges for TopRx?

Franklin: Our customer service is second to none, and this has forged strong relationships with our current customers and brought a lot of growth in the chain market. It’s exciting to see how much opportunity we have with national chains.

We’d like to replicate the value and service model that our chain partners have enjoyed through the years to more national chains and retailers’ pharmacies.

We all know that there is fierce price competition in the market, so instead of focusing on overall size, we play to our strength in customer service and solid relationships with manufacturers. This allows us to deliver a personalized, relationship-driven approach that our customers tell us makes us stand out from the pack. We’re working to carve a niche in this industry focused around competitive prices, excellent customer service and a desire to help customers grow their business — that is the true value TopRx brings to our customers.

DSN: Can you tell us more about what you are hearing from key national customers and what they want in the industry?

Franklin: All customers want to reduce costs and secure their supply chain, but they also want excellent customer service, suppliers that meet and exceed expectations and operational excellence. We have an opportunity to help our customers reduce overall costs and help them be more operationally efficient. That type of customer-centric approach has been somewhat lost in this fast-paced, price-conscious industry, and we strive to make it a central part of our offering. We take the time to learn their unique business so we can work closely to deliver more than products — a personalized solution for their unique needs.

DSN: How do you think business might evolve going forward?

Franklin: We have a very strong history of organic growth within the industry. In order to continue that, we must continue to build strong relationships with our customers. Our goal is to be the nation’s premier supplier of generic pharmaceuticals and continue to develop long-term relationships with clients across the board.

DSN: You’ve recently unveiled a brand refresh. Tell us more about what that means for your customers, and what you want others to take away from the refresh.

Franklin: The brand refresh built upon our heritage of who we are as a company and what makes us valuable.

Our brand is the first impression that potential customers have with us, and we believe the new branding conveys that we are friendly, responsive and reliable, and understand the challenges our customers face. We want to be their partner and help them be successful. As our updated messaging reflects: ‘We get you.’

The term ‘customer service’ gets thrown out there all the time, but it really is fundamental to our business model. We always serve our customers as best as possible and put them first. We take the time to learn their business, recommend the most efficient solution for their needs and deliver on our word.  

DSN: What is next on the horizon for TopRx? Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Franklin: We want to be seen as a trusted partner to our customers, and help them be more successful and grow their business. Relationships, exceptional customer service, personalized solutions and competitive pricing are the hallmarks of TopRx. We are excited to show the new branding at NACDS (Booth No. 1372). We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones this year, and we look forward to finding new ways to show our clients that ‘We get you.’

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