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Point-of-care initiative enhances brands


Earlier this year, Brandperx announced the launch of its latest Bump Bag, a product sample bag targeting soon-to-be moms and hand-delivered to them by their trusted OB/GYN providers. With 4 million women becoming moms, that patient-provider relationship is a rich marketing opportunity.

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But just how rich of an opportunity does this represent? Brandperx, in collaboration with Drug Store News, recently conducted a survey among 1,000 OB/GYN providers exclusive to the Brandperx network. The survey revealed a powerful opportunity for both brands and retailers to leverage the intimacy and trust of the provider-patient relationship in order to build brand engagement, trial, sales and market share, and improve patients’ quality of life.

For example, more than one-third (36%) of OB/GYN providers make a multivitamin recommendation to more than 26 of their individual patients each week. As many as 26% make a feminine pain relief recommendation for between six and 10 patients each week, and 24% make a similar recommendation of adult incontinence products.

OB/GYN providers recommend patients take Midol for feminine pain relief 85.2% of the time, according to the survey. For sleep-related issues, Unisom is the most often recommended solution, followed by ZzzQuil.

The survey further reveals a huge and largely untapped potential opportunity within the point-of-care communications channel — because providers are constantly fielding patient requests for OTC brand recommendations.

And that means marketing tools like the Brandperx Bump Bag could prove critical. The Bump Bag is the brainchild of Brandperx co-founder and president Shauna Garshon and contains a variety of samples, special offers and information hyper-targeted to the mom-to-be. Included are popular brands such as Premama, Belli, Balmex, Viactiv and Psi Band.

“The Bump Bag has been extremely valuable in enabling Premama to engage women at all stages of their maternity journey through their physicians, and earn their trust in a setting where health and wellness is the heart of the conversation,” noted Jamie Schapiro, Premama chief marketing officer. “The response has exceeded our expectations, and we plan to work with Brandperx on future Bump Bags and other point-of-care initiatives that tell our story and build our business.”

Brandperx delivers more than traditional point-of-care marketing. The company’s programs are designed by healthcare marketing experts who help turn providers and their patients into advocates and purchasers of a partner brand.

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