Q&A: Boiron’s Wittenberg talks company’s baby aisle debut

Boiron, long known for its Oscillococcinum flu relief and Arnicare pain relief solutions, is planning to capitalize on new opportunities in the baby care aisle this fall. Drug Store News recently discussed the new products the manufacturer of homeopathic remedies will be introducing at NACDS Total Store Expo with Boiron’s Gary Wittenberg, VP of national accounts.

Drug Store News: What is Boiron’s current focus?

Gary Wittenberg: Boiron is focusing on its new baby platform. Innovations in cold and teething medicines have been far and few between, [and] Boiron’s delivery system in both categories relies on a convenient, single liquid dose. [That] sterile packaging eliminates the need for a preservative. And the premeasured amount is convenient and portable, making it easy to take on the go. Its plastic packaging is also BPA-free.

The company is emphasizing the unique administering system while launching its new ColdCalm Liquid Doses recommended for children as young as 6 months of age, and promoting its Camilla teething medicine to fulfill parents’ unmet needs. The formulas do not contain flavors, dyes, lactose, sugar or artificial sweeteners. The only inactive ingredient is purified water.

Boiron USA plans to support these products through targeted digital marketing, sampling moms at several baby-themed consumer expos, public relations efforts and social media tactics. Sales are also driven though doctor recommendations. Boiron USA’s medical team makes office visits and attends roughly 50 medical trade shows per year, including pediatrician events for its new baby platform.

DSN: What are the opportunities in baby care? Given the recent teething recalls, are there

any concerns?

Wittenberg: The trend of consumers looking for natural and safe products continues to be strong and steady. This is especially true of mom looking for health options for her family. Placing more focus on the baby category is the next step in Boiron delivering the good-for-you products that today’s consumers want.

As a liquid dose, Camilia undergoes a different manufacturing technique than tablets or gels. Retailers should be assured that Boiron’s Camilia has a remarkable safety record. Since Boiron debuted Camilia in the United States 23 years ago, the company has not filed any serious adverse event reports with any regulatory authority worldwide, including the Food and Drug Administration. Camilia is registered with 18 regulatory authorities and marketed in 17 countries, mostly in Europe and North America.

DSN: What’s the bottom line?

Wittenberg: Boiron helps drug store chains further entice natural channel crossover shoppers with the convenience of one-stop shopping. The company has an established reputation and a large presence in the [cough-cold and flu] category with its flagship Oscillcooccinum flu medicine, Coldcalm and Chestal cough syrups; in the external pain category with its Arnicare Gel and Arnicare Cream; and the first aid category with its Calendula Burn, Calendula Cream for skin irritations and Arnicare Bruise.