Q&A: NasoNeb finds distinct way to deliver sinus relief

Officials at NasoNeb felt that consumers were being offered inadequate nasal therapy delivery systems, so they developed a product that they believe stands above the crowd. Bill Flickinger, the company’s president, said that NasoNeb has a solid alternative in a conversation with Drug Store News.

Drug Store News: Tell us about NasoNeb and its history.
Bill Flickinger: We recognized a demand for a superior nasal therapy delivery system to meet the needs of physicians who told us that the devices available to them were insufficient. Metered-dose inhalers and spray bottles reach only the front of the nose; medication delivered by irrigation bottles or Neti pots run right down the sink, and the solution is very dilute; and pulmonary nebulizers deliver very little medication to the nasal and sinus cavities and failed in clinical studies.

There is a large population of sinus sufferers who do not respond to these therapies in the way that they could. What was needed was a device that reached deep into the nasal and sinus cavities with a high concentration of medication.

After consulting with thought-leading physicians, we designed a system specifically for therapy delivery to the nasal and sinus cavities. Initially, the NasoNeb System was prescription only. Pharmacists treated nearly 100,000 sinus sufferers with, among other drugs, corticosteroids.

After nasal steroids went over the counter, we sought and obtained an OTC designation for the NasoNeb technology. Shortly thereafter, we launched the NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System. We then released the NasoNeb Moisturizing Nasal Solution, featuring multiple moisturizers in a dual salt, pH-balanced formulation intended to be less drying than saline alone.

DSN: The NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System appears to be a unique product. Tell us about how it works.
BF: The NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System creates large droplets that stay in the nose. An air stream drives these droplets throughout the nasal and paranasal sinus cavities.

The NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System helps people feel better and breathe better. They can deliver medication, any saline, and the NasoNeb Moisturizing Nasal Solution with the NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System for a deep moisturizing experience not found anywhere else.

As an example, in one clinical study of perennial allergy sufferers, NasoNeb-delivered corticosteroids improved symptoms and the ability to breathe.

DSN: How do you educate the consumer about the product usage and benefits?
BF: We use social media, electronic ads and our website to reach consumers directly. We participate in in-store promotion, POS materials, flyers and loyalty programs with our retail partners. We are expanding our reach with other media tools, such as TV to build awareness. We educate physicians with print and electronic advertising, mailers, fax blasts, samples, and exhibits at clinical conferences. We perform in-office detailing to ensure that they can recommend the NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System to their patients.

DSN: How can pharmacists get involved?
BF: They need to stock the NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System and NasoNeb Moisturizing Nasal Solution in their store. Plus, they need to take advantage of our webinars and printed education materials. Call us at 1 (866) 960-9833 with any questions you may have. Pharmacists should recommend the NasoNeb Sinus Therapy System along with the NasoNeb Moisturizing Nasal Solution, or other medications as needed, to their customers seeking a new complete sinus therapy.

To learn more about our current and new products, come see us at NACDS Total Store Expo, Cardinal Health RBC and ECRM Cough Cold. We make announcements on our website at nasoneb.com.
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