Qurb hopes to curb appetites with new weight-loss shot


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Qurb is looking to crack the dieting code with the launch of two scientifically-tested liquid shots to help battle stubborn cravings with a fast-acting delivery system that helps burns fat and helps people feel fuller longer.

Each 3 oz. bottle of Qurb Shot contains 10g of Fibersol2, a soluble fiber which has been shown to increase satiety and reduce hunger. When the stomach isn’t grumbling and nagging to eat unhealthy snacks in between meals, people can more easily avoid consuming those extra calories that are sabotaging diet success.

Qurb also contains 400 mg of Svetol green coffee bean extract, another effective weight loss supplement.

"Qurb is in the midst of a national roll out for 2017 and their first market to launch [will be] Arizona," noted Erin Heit, VP business development Qurb. "Qurb and QurbPM, revolutionary weight management liquid shots, are very interested to gain awareness within the drug store channel, as it is a perfect fit for their consumers."

Caffeine-free Qurb PM works hard to banish cravings in the evening. Qurb PM also has 10g of Fibersol, and contains 100mg of Theanine which studies have shown can help individuals relax. Qurb PM is sweetened naturally with Stevia and does not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

In one double-blind randomized parallel study, participants who were given 10g of Fibersol2 reported feeling less hungry and showed increased levels of two key appetite regulating hormones after four hours.

Suggested retail price for a box of 12 weight-loss shots is $29.95, the company reported.



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