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Rainbow Light targets 2 growing demos with new prenatals: moms over 35 and vegans


SANTA CRUZ, Calif.  - Rainbow Light on Wednesday added two new formulations to its prenatal suite: 35+ Mom & Baby, a one-per-day prenatal multivitamin specifically formulated for expectant mothers over 35, and Prenatal & Postnatal Protein, a supplement designed to provide sustained energy from conception through nursing.

Giving birth after 35 is more common than ever — up 24% since Rainbow Light launched its  first natural prenatal vitamin 30 years ago. Taking into account the unique health requirements of moms over the age of 35, Rainbow Light formulated its newest pre-and-postnatal, food-based multivitamin to provide the necessary nutrients to support mom’s healthy blood sugar levels, while promoting circulation and baby’s healthy development. 35+ Mom & Baby also provides a highly absorbable, plant-source calcium-mineral complex with 70 trace minerals, choline and folate to promote healthy development of baby’s brain, eyes and bones, while helping to soothe muscle discomforts in mom.

Prenatal & Postnatal Protein helps women meet their protein needs, which can double during pregnancy and nursing. In addition, calcium requirements increase to 1,300 mg daily. Made with organic pea, brown rice and chia protein, each serving of Rainbow Light’s vegan Prenatal & Postnatal Protein provides 10 grams of non-GMO plant protein along with calcium and 70 trace minerals for sustained energy. A gentle fiber complex made with plant enzymes and pre & probiotics support digestion and nutrient absorption.

“We’ve been dedicated to providing optimal nutrition for women and their families for over 30 years, and take special pride in our trusted role as the leader in natural prenatal nutrition,” stated Lianne Maso de Moya, VP of brand development for Wellnext, Rainbow Light’s parent company since 2002. “These new products provide targeted nutrition to two important and growing demographics — moms 35+ and mothers preferring vegan options.”

Rainbow Light followed the launch of two new formulations to its prenatal vitamin line with the kick-off of the Happy Baby Book Project (#HappyBabyBook).

The Happy Baby Book is a freely shareable anthology of parenting wisdom from leading authors and experts on prenatal health and early childhood development. The list of contributors include Aviva Romm, Glade Curtis, Lori Bregman, Christopher Hobbs, Elizabeth Manning, nutritionist Marci Clow and Vitamin Angels founder Howard Schiffer.

Rainbow Light is also inviting consumers to participate in the Happy Baby Book Project by sharing their best advice for a healthy pregnancy and raising happy, healthy babies. In the true nature of crowdsourcing, the most popular entry will receive a $1,000 cash prize, Rainbow Light product gifts and featured placement in the Happy Baby Book anthology.


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