Reformulated pain relief cream features all-natural ingredients

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Reformulated pain relief cream features all-natural ingredients

By Antoinette Alexander - 06/08/2018
A year after the introduction of pain relief cream Aculeve, Craig Morton, the creator and a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with the Center for Orthopaedics in Lake Charles, La., has rolled out a new and improved formula called AcuPlus.

Morton developed the original product after years of treating patients for joint and muscle pain related to disabilities, chronic conditions, and sports related injuries.

Based on feedback from customers, Morton went back to the lab and made improvements to the original formula and relaunched the product as AcuPlus to reflect the innovative changes.

"We spent years researching the original ingredients and benefits and studying what my patients said helped them the most. I wanted to use natural ingredients such as arnica, menthol, vitamin B6, aloe, vitamin E, and others that are clinically-proven. We worked with chemists and an FDA/EPA-certified lab and were able to develop the right combination to deliver the benefits we wanted, all in one product. These have not changed with AcuPlus, but we've added five new pain-relieving ingredients and modified our proprietary base for deeper and longer lasting results,” Morton said.

The new, all-natural ingredients are boswellia serrata for anti-inflammatory benefits, glucosamine for anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, willow bark extract for pain relief, magnesium sulfate for pain relief and muscle cramps, and licorice root extract which is a natural muscle relaxer, topical anti-inflammatory and natural remedy for joint pain.

AcuPlus comes in a cream form that is applied directly to the skin to promote healing and recovery. According to Morton, it reduces swelling and inflammation caused by arthritis, injury, back pain, neck pain, tendonitis, muscle pain, fibromyalgia and more. Pain relief will last for several hours and can be applied three to four times a day.

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