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Rohto eye drops cool summer eyes


ORCHARD PARK, N.Y.. — Mentholatum earlier this year identified a new purchase opportunity in eye care — summer eyes. The company introduced its Rohto Ice All-in-One Cooling Eye Drops to provide fast, cooling relief for eight symptoms — red, dry, itchy, irritated, burning, gritty, watery and stinging eyes. And unlike ordinary eye drops, it contains Rohto’s proprietary Freshkick technology, a freshness formula that relieves irritation and soothes and comforts eyes for up to eight hours.

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“We know our consumers are super active and have action-packed summers ahead of them,” stated Erick Estrada, director marketing at Rohto. “Rohto Ice All-in-One Cooling Eye Drops are your quick-and-easy solution for common summer eye problems,” he said. “We’re excited to play an important part in keeping people’s eyes looking and feeling good this summer.”

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