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Safe Heart introducing smartphone blood pressure monitor through crowdfunding





ATLANTA — Having achieved earlier success through the Indiegogo launch of the iOximeter Smartphone Pulse Oximeter, Safe Heart recently launched a new crowdfunding campaign for Mobicuff, its new smartphone blood-pressure monitor. 


“The men and women receiving first diagnoses for hypertension grew up playing video games and are used to gaming elements in everyday life,” stated Yale Zhang, Safe Heart founder. “By making the previously tedious activity of measuring your blood pressure both fun and addictive, Mobicuff will move the needle and encourage positive lifestyle changes.”


“Built into the whole Mobicuff Ecosystem is this gamification, where there’s constant rewards, constant trophies and badges to keep you going,” said gamification expert Chris Klaus, founder of Kaneva. “It’s a real game-changer in the industry.”


Gamification elements added include trophies, rewards, unlockable features (such as The Mobicuff uploads to cloud and comparison with National Institutes of Heart averages) and an avatar called Mobie the Owl whose plumage and mood is dependant on how often the user measures.


The Mobicuff is a tethered hand pump blood pressure cuff for Android or iPhone. The campaign video, titled “More Frisky, Less Risky”, features a man pumping up the Mobicuff and checking to make sure his vital signs were good before engaging in bedroom activities with his wife. The technology was developed in partnership with researchers from the Oxford Centre for Affordable Healthcare Technology. 


Following the close of the Indiegogo Campaign, the Mobicuff is expected to be delivered in October of this year.


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