Selling CBD: 3 tips

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Selling CBD: 3 tips

If you’ve made the choice to sell CBD, remember that many consumers still are unaware of products or not confident in the correct dosage or format that works best for them.

With those factors in mind, here are important considerations for pharmacies looking to stock CBD, according to Kay Tamillow of The Brightfield Group:

Consumer education: Does the brand offer displays or marketing materials to help draw attention to new offerings and explain CBD’s benefits and correct usage?

Packaging: What is the best packaging for your specific consumer? Based on location and clientele, different packaging — e.g. clinical/pharmaceutical versus botanical/trendy — will be more appealing to your shoppers.

Depth of portfolio: Does the brand offer a brand range of SKUs and product types to provide consumer options? Because of CBD’s many uses, shoppers might be looking for a topical cream for joint and muscle pain, tinctures for general pain relief or gummies to relax.