Sentia Wellness to make a splash with Social CBD line

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Sentia Wellness to make a splash with Social CBD line

By Seth Mendelson - 08/29/2019
Gaining the retailers’ and the consumers’ confidence is never an easy task. But it is especially trying in the relatively new and still unregulated CBD category, where thousands of companies are popping up, hoping that they will draw the lucky lottery number and hit it big in this burgeoning category.

With the influx of companies in the marketplace, many industry officials — including the suppliers themselves — warn merchants and shoppers to be wary of false promises and to be on the lookout for merchandise that does not quite make the grade.

Officials at Portland, Ore.-based Sentia Wellness said they have a different model, one that will boost confidence in their Social CBD brand line and ultimately lead to more sales and profits for retailers. Founded only this past May, company executives feel that Sentia and its products are not tainted with any past history that could turn off shoppers.

“We wanted to create the Sentia Wellness company and Social CBD brand to have a complete origin in a post-farm bill environment,” company president and COO Angelo Lombardi said. “For both retailers and consumers, they can look to Social CBD with confidence that our products are clean, of the highest quality and 0% THC. And equally important, Social CBD stands for a message and a mission that reaches beyond our outstanding products.”

Lombardi also said, “With our unique position across product and purpose, we can enter the conversation around CBD with retailers and consumers without any confusion.”

At the same time, though, the company’s top brass emphasized its long experience with CBD and its existing relationships with retailers. Lombardi claimed that when the Social CBD line launches, which should be at the end of this month, the product immediately will be in 10,000 retail stores.

At launch, the Social CBD line will be available in five distinct forms: tincture drops, vape pens, gel caps, muscle rub and a topical patch. Five more forms will be introduced before the end of the year, including a foot lotion and muscle relief balm. Gummies and chocolate-based forms will be added next year.

Sentia Wellness is using skateboarder Nyjah Huston as a company spokesperson. “Being on a world class stage comes with its own set of aches and pains,” Lombardi said. “Nyjah uses our products to help him compete, and we want to use him to show consumers just how well these items can work.”

Lombardi also pointed out that Sentia Wellness has invested more than $30 million in its own manufacturing facility — a 175,000-sq.-ft. plant in Oregon — to maintain control over the entire process and to produce product at a fast rate. The company employs roughly 130 people, with about half involved in the manufacturing process.

He seems quite excited about the overall situation for Sentia, the Social CBD brand and the CBD category in general. “For Social, we will have a key seat at the table leading the conversation around CBD innovation, especially in regard to manufacturing and robotics,” Lombardi said. “As an industry, CBD will continue to grow and gain even more legitimacy across the country as the focal point of the self-care, wellness movement. It will be more important than ever to expand and diversify product offerings that activate the endocannabinoid system, as well as investing in education, data-driven offerings.”

“We are at the forefront of this movement to encourage self-confidence in our consumer and promote real human connections,” Lombardi said. “Social CBD is a resource for customers, selling not just products, but an unapologetic promise to deliver on our core brand values of pure, powerful and honest.”