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Sho Nutrition introduces supplement line with unique dispenser


NEW YORK – Sho Nutrition on Thursday announced the launch of two new vegetarian formulas packaged in the patent-pending Sho dispenser. Sho is a premium supplement line in small, easy-to-swallow sphere gels that are released with a click from a portable, daily tracking dispenser.

"Too many people today are missing out on the nutritional benefits of dietary supplements because they forget to take them, or they find the size of the pills difficult to swallow," stated Joy Wang, CEO Sho. "We wanted to create a simple, healthy, organized system that makes taking quality supplements quick, easy and fun. We secured the most cutting-edge encapsulation technology from Japan and adhere to the highest quality standards to deliver a disruptive innovation to the dietary supplement industry."

The brand's two newest formulas are Sho ENERGY+, which contains B Vitamins and Matcha to boost energy metabolism and cognitive performance, and Sho BALANCE, which contains probiotic and prebiotic blend for digestive and immune health. These two formulas in cool dispensers are suitable for all lifestyles including a vegan diet, and perfect for gifting during the holiday season to support New Year resolutions throughout the hectic and demanding winter season.



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