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Soylent targets breakfast occassion with latest meal replacement RTD


Coffiest (15sec) from Burning Film on Vimeo.

LOS ANGELES - Soylent earlier this week announced the debut of Coffiest, the newest addition to its suite of complete, ready-to-drink meal replacements, now made with real coffee. Coffiest includes approximately 150 mg of caffeine per bottle to kickstart the morning.

"Breakfast sets the tone for the entire day, but busy people all too often skip it entirely," stated Rob Rhinehart, Soylent CEO. "Now with Coffiest you can get the nutrition your body needs enhanced with caffeine and l-theanine as mild nootropics. It also tastes great."

Each bottle of Coffiest offers a comprehensive nutritional profile with the added benefits of a caffeinated beverage and a coffee flavor. Coffiest also includes 75 mg of L-theanine per bottle to promote relaxation without drowsiness and works in concert with caffeine to boost cognitive performance. Coffiest, like its predecessors, is designed from the ground-up to provide the vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and protein that the body needs.

Each bottle of Coffiest contains 20% of the daily recommended values for all essential vitamins and minerals and a macronutrient profile of 47% calories from lipids, 33% calories from carbohydrates and 20% calories from protein.

In addition to Coffiest's debut, Soylent will introduce a new product category with Soylent Bar. Soylent Bar offers the same complete nutrition, but in a lighter, more portable form factor. With only 250 calories, Soylent Bar has a macronutrient breakdown of 38% calories from lipids, 43% calories from carbohydrates, and 19% calories from protein, providing one eighth of an average adult's recommended dietary needs.


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