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Stork Ib2C survey finds need for fertility alternatives

A survey conducted last year by the Stork Ib2C uncovered some misconceptions about conception. The Stork is an OTC conception device from Rinovum Women’s Health.

Women surveyed said they were interested in natural ways to improve fertility, including tracking their ovulation with either an app or test kit (62%), making changes to their diet and exercise (60%), and taking vitamins (40%).

The Stork is a low-cost option that involves no shots, scans or prescriptions, the company said. The device, which provides users a way to keep a higher sperm score concentration at the cervix than natural intercourse through cervical cap insemination, is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Women and couples are seeking simple, affordable solutions when having difficulty conceiving, said Stephen Bollinger, CEO of Rinovum, who noted that consumers are taking a proactive role in reproductive health. “The rising costs of health care and lifestyle trends of couples today are contributors to the growing category,” he said. “Couples seek out diagnostic and treatment options that they can use in the privacy of their home, and at a fraction of the cost compared to clinical procedures that many simply cannot afford.”
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