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Strong allergy season ahead


A wet spring last year made for ideal allergen-
creating conditions heading into summer 2011 — the growth of ragweed and an increase in mold. According to a Quest Diagnostics study published in 2011, sensitization to common ragweed has grown 15% nationally since 2000, while mold grew 12%. IMS Health projected a strong spring allergy season, especially across the north and northeast.

Similasan currently is pitching some of its allergy-relief eye care products as a synergistic incremental sale to cough-cold and allergy tablet remedies. “Our homeopathic Dry Eye Relief and Irritated Eye Relief are natural items to tie in with our cough-cold products,” stated Similasan product manager Melissa Mursch. “Dry and irritated eyes are very common during the cough-cold season, and this makes for [a] one-stop-shop, all-natural homeopathic cough-cold solution center.”

Last year, Similasan launched Nasal Allergy Relief Preservative Free Nasal Mist. Many popular preservatives used in allergy sprays, such as benzalkonium chloride and phenyl­carbinol, potentially end up exacerbating allergy symptoms, leaving the consumer in search of preservative-free solutions.



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