Tapping into 'natural' trend, 21st Century launches PureMark Naturals VMS line


TEMPE, Ariz. — 21st Century HealthCare earlier this week launched PureMark Naturals, a vitamin and supplement line offering a more natural and clean dietary supplement.

The company expects PureMark Naturals line to deliver wellness category growth and increase sales for retailers, according to Leanne Wilhardt, president, 21st Century HealthCare. “[More than] 71% of today’s consumers concerned about the long-term health impact of preservatives, artificial and GMO ingredients,” Wilhardt stated. “Our new line of vitamins and supplements is the answer to this demand.”

PureMark Naturals 17-item line offers natural, vegetarian and vegan friendly choices, in addition to non-GMO, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and preservative free options.  The products also include a natural superfood and plant-based vegan protein enhanced with fruits and vegetables and enriched with nourishing extracts.  

The new premium line will soon be available at select retailers nationwide.

According to Wilhardt, PureMark Naturals was created based on top-trending products, while addressing the demands of today’s health conscious consumer. The packaging features a clean green design with a transparent label, allowing consumers to see exactly what they are purchasing.

She stated that research is showing consumers are actively seeking more natural products. A 2015 Gallup study found 50% of dietary supplement users reported using clean and natural labeled supplements, up from 36% in 2012. 

“Our PureMark Naturals line will expand with quality products inspired by nature that support clean and healthy living,” she said. “We’re excited to continue down the path of offering more natural products for consumers.”


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