Target's Made to Matter program to feature Zarbee's Naturals new baby supplement line





SALT LAKE CITY — Zarbee's Naturals on Tuesday introduced a Target-exclusive line of natural baby vitamins and supplements for infants and toddlers. 


"We're proud to introduce a new line of vitamins and supplements that provide a full range of wellness solutions for moms with infants and toddlers," said Bret Furio, CEO Zarbee's Naturals. "We're also pleased to share that this new line has been selected by Target to be a part of their 2015 Made to Matter collection of leading natural, organic and sustainable brands."


Zarbee's line of new baby vitamins and supplements are pediatrician recommended and contain natural ingredients such as agave and coconut oil to provide safe and effective solutions for growing babies. The line features probiotic Lcr35, which helps restore and maintain balance in your baby's digestive system. The products are gluten-free, dye­free and contain no drugs or alcohol.


The new line includes:


  • Baby Probiotic Supplement: Zarbee's Baby Probiotic supplement promotes and maintains intestinal health by restoring the natural balance in the baby's digestive tract. The proprietary 3Biotic formula contains a prebiotic, probiotic and natural postbiotic to increase delivery of this beneficial bacteria to the child's digestive system;

  • Baby Vitamin D Supplement: This supplement delivers vitamin D in a natural coconut oil to help absorb calcium for strong bones and teeth. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends supplementing a breastfed infant with 400 IUs of vitamin D daily since an adequate amount of vitamin D is not transferred through breast milk;

  • Baby Omega-3: Zarbee's Omega-3 DHA supplement is formulated with plant-based DHA and natural coconut oil. Adequate intake of DHA has been shown to support brain, eye and nervous system development during all stages of life; and

  • Baby Multi Vitamin with Iron Supplement: This multivitamin is specially designed to meet the needs of a growing infant and toddler. It delivers 100% of the daily recommended value for infants of nine essential vitamins including vitamins A, C and D as well as iron.

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