TJL Enterprises launches homeopathic gas remedy for children


LONG BEACH, Calif. — TJL Enterprises on Wednesday introduced Tummy Calm, a natural gas relief remedy for infants and children. The homeopathic remedy provides relief of stomach aches and the accompanying gas, bloating and cramping, the company said.

“Parents can feel good about giving Tummy Calm for safe, gentle and quick relief of these very common complaints in children,” TJL Enterprises president Jacqueline Lawrence said. “As a mother, I set out to create what I believe is the smart alternative to simethicone, which, for years was the go-to for parents and pediatricians. Whether produced by air swallowed during eating or from crying, stomach aches brought on by nerves, or from foods or drinks that do not agree, Tummy Calm naturally helps soothe little digestive systems.”

Comprised of nine homeopathic ingredients, the 2-oz. bottle contains between 24 and 48 doses. Tummy Calm retails for a suggested $17.95 per bottle.

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