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Topical analgesic 4Jointz hits market to relieve joint pain


 SAN FRANCISCO - Beginning this fall, all those suffering from osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and everyday wear and tear will be able to find relief as 4Jointz, a natural over-the-counter cream, launches in the United States.

4Jointz is a clinically proven topical pain reliever that uses a novel, patented technology combining natural allantoin present in a standardized comfrey extract with tannic acid and eucalyptus oil as part of an herbal formula.

“In the US alone, over 60% of people over the age of 35 are living with joint pain,” stated Persis Anderson, CEO 4Jointz. “We made 4Jointz to help them heal safely, without the negative side effects of the current NSAIDs on the market.”

Their most recent clinical study at the Menzies Research Institute found that users who were directed to apply the cream three times a day for 12 weeks realized a significant increase in mobility and leg muscle strength, meaningful decrease in Paracetamol intake and an overall improvement in quality of life.

“Patients that have been taking various medications without success turn completely around after using 4Jointz cream,” commented spokesman Malcom Conway, a sports specialist. “I have a sports injury practice and have used it with professional athletes with huge success.”


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