Traditional Medicinals: Use of natural remedies on the rise


SEBASTOPOL, Calif. — According to a new survey by Traditional Medicinals, use of natural remedies has increased recently, with more than 1-in-3 (35%) Americans reporting they do more today to take care of themselves with natural remedies than they did five years ago. Education about natural remedies, however, is lacking. Nearly 2-in-5 (39%) of those who don’t already only use natural remedies for their health needs would be motivated to do so if they knew more about them.

"Habits rooted in nature like spending time outdoors have a profoundly positive impact on mood and spirit as well," said Blair Kellison, Traditional Medicinals CEO. "We also found that more education is needed in order for more Americans to look to nature to improve their overall health."

Of the 10 top U.S. cities surveyed, those in San Francisco and Atlanta appeared to take most control of their health and reported that it made a difference in their sense of well-being.

The survey, fielded by Kelton, also found that while the typical American spent nearly one month (i.e., 28 days) feeling unwell during the last year, those who spent at least one hour outside each week reported feeling healthier than those who didn’t (84% vs. 65%).








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