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Valensa International launches immunity-boosting supplement for exercise enthusiasts


ORLANDO, Fla. - Valensa International announced Thursday that it has initiated production and first deliveries of a pre- and post-workout immunity boosting and recovery chewable called Immunum.

"People don't realize that numerous studies have shown that the human immune system is only at full strength early in the morning," stated Rudi Moerck, president and CEO Valensa. "During the day the immune system actually weakens and reaches its weakest point after exercise," he said. "Most people don't realize that working out in a gym or other public places actually exposes you to a greater risk of illness because your immune system is compromised during and after exercise and work-outs. Immunum has been formulated to help boost the immune response of people who are engaged in intensive training – but the ingredient can help people of all ages in everyday life."

Immunum contains 1,3 Beta Glucan from German Brewer's Yeast, Astaxanthin, New Zealand Manuka Honey and an algae-derived lipopolysaccharide, packing a one–two punch when it comes to immune system health. The immune boosting effects work within 1-2 hours and continue to work during exercise and recovery.  

The sugar- and caffeine-free chewable should be taken before exercise and optionally after a workout.


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