Vegan option and superfruits added to ThinkThin lineup


LOS ANGELES — ThinkThin on Wednesday introduced its new ThinkThin Protein & Superfruit lineup, representing a premium line of baked protein bars made with real fruit, whole grains and nuts. Along with four flavors that each offer 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber, ThinkThin Protein & Superfruit also includes a vegan bar, a first for the brand.

"We saw a tremendous opportunity within the protein bar space to introduce a fruit-focused offering with high-quality protein and less sugar than other fruit-based bars," stated Cherry Joh, senior marketing director thinkThin. "In addition to the benefits of protein and fiber, our Protein & Superfruit bars taste amazing, and are crafted using real fruit and a blend of wholesome chia seeds, nuts and whole grains."

Each full size bar also contains the Omega 3 ALA, a good source of vitamin A, and is offered in the following flavors: blueberry beet acai, chocolate pomegranate cherry, coconut almond chia and lemon cranberry chia, a vegan bar.

ThinkThin Protein & Superfruit bars are also available in snack size bars and are currently rolling out to retailers nationwide.

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