Viita encourages New Yorkers to #StayDry

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Viita encourages New Yorkers to #StayDry

By David Salazar - 05/23/2017
NEW YORK — Viita hit Times Square this week in the rain to help pedestrians #StayDry. The company, which makes high-tech, absorbent lingerie that seeks to provide protection from bladder leakage, handed out as many as 1000 umbrellas with the hashtag #StayDry, alongside coupons for the product.

“Just like being caught without an umbrella in an unexpected rainstorm can be disheartening, so can being caught without protection when a rogue sneeze or hysterical joke causes our bodies to misfire,” Viita founder Raquel Tulk said. “Our hope is to dismantle the taboo of bladder leakage by spreading greater awareness of the issue, as well as offering a very real and specialized solution with Viita.”

Viita’s line of absorbent lingerie is looking to replace menstrual pads and adult diapers as protection from bladder leakage, offering a fashion-forward, odorless and leak free option. The lingerie contains a natural fiber comfort fabric, a high absorption antibacterial cushion and a protective membrane to resist leaks.

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