Vital Proteins adds workout-focused powders, beverages

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Vital Proteins adds workout-focused powders, beverages

By David Salazar - 09/16/2019
Vital Proteins, maker of collagen-based nutrition products, is unveiling its latest line, Vital Proteins. The Vital Performance line includes two varieties of powders, ready-to-drink beverages and a sleep powder.

The products in the Vital Performance line all are made without fillers, binders, synthetic dyes, gluten, dairy or soy, and are designed to provide pre- and post-workout support. They are designed to promoted energy, endurance, muscle building and muscle recovery with pasture-raised bovine collagen.

The Vital Performance PreWave Powder is a pre-workout powder that uses collagen peptides and branched-chain amino acids to support muscle and joints, as well as creatine nitrate and elevATP for enhanced power output and caffeine from Coffeeberry extract for energy. The product will be available in five flavors — passion fruit, guava lime, watermelon blueberry, lemon grape and yuzu clementine.

For post-workout, there’s the Vital Performance RecoveryWave powder, which contains 20 g of collagen, 8 g of essential amino acids, 5 g of branched-chain amino acids and glutamine. The powder also contains electrolytes, Himalayan sea salt and taurine to replenish minerals lost during exercise, the company said. It will be available in the same flavors as Vital Performance PreWave Powder.

Vital Performance’s ready-to-drink Recover Drink contains 20 g of collagen, essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids, as well as vitamins C, B2 and B6 and glutamine. It also contains Himalayan sea salt and taurine. The beverage only is sweetened with coconut water and monk fruit, and will be sold in three flavors, yuzu clementine, blackberry lime and citrus fruits.

Vital Proteins is rounding out the lineup with Vital Performance Sleep Powder. The product includes a combination of GABA, L-theanine and magnesium glycinate to promote a restful night’s sleep. It will launch in orange vanilla, apple cinnamon and blueberry lemon.

Vital Performance currently have launched online, with a Whole Foods retail launch set for December. Whole Foods also will exclusively sell Guava Lime flavors of PreWave and RecoveryWave beginning in December.