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Vitamin Shoppe adds RangeMe to its merchandising efforts


SEACAUCUS, N.J. — ECRM’s RangeMe online CPG platform has a new client. The Vitamin Shoppe has added the platform to its merchandise innovation and sourcing process, allowing its category managers to discover new products and brands that meet customers’ needs while fostering vendor relationships.

"With RangeMe, we are in a unique position to hone in on the most innovative and compelling products on the market, which allows us to bring the best solutions to our customers faster than other retailers," the Vitamin Shoppe chief merchandising officer Doug Jones said. "The platform not only enhances our product discovery process, it helps us stay ahead of the competition by identifying the right products for our customers' needs."

RangeMe’s platform is created to put innovative products in front of the right buyers by offering broad exposure for vendors to a variety of retailers. The Vitamin Shoppe said it hoped to enhance its sourcing capabilities by using the platform, enabling the company to offer its shoppers the most relevant and inventive products early on.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Vitamin Shoppe as a premier specialty retailer on RangeMe," RangeMe CEO and founder Nicky Jackson said. "Their passion for health and wellness, and commitment to bringing new products to their customers is a perfect fit with the RangeMe platform. By providing access to an incredible array of suppliers, we want to help the Vitamin Shoppe further their dedication to consumers and enhance their journey as a leading health-and-wellness retailer."

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