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Wellness Brands set to launch NASA-licensed hydration formula


BOULDER, Colo. NASA earlier this month licensed a patented hydration formula to Wellness Brands that is effective in treating any type of dehydration, Wellness reported, including altitude sickness, jet lag and hangovers.

“We developed this product to perform optimally under the most extreme conditions,” stated John Greenleaf, former NASA research scientist and inventor of the formula. The novel formula contains a specific ratio of key electrolytes for rapid restoration of hydration. These electrolytes, dissolved in water, optimize the levels of ions in the body, Greenleaf explained.

The beverage is an isotonic formulation that restores both intracellular and extracellular body fluid volumes in dehydrated astronauts, athletes and others. As a result, in studies among athletes, the formula was scientifically shown to deliver greater endurance than sports beverages containing carbohydrates.

Wellness Brands is launching its first electrolyte concentrate brand, The Right Stuff, this month.

“We are confident that anyone suffering from dehydration will benefit from using this product; however, we are rolling it out first to endurance and elite athletes to demonstrate its efficacy for before, during and after exertion, and to serve the most demanding segment of the market,” commented David Belaga, Wellness Brands president. “Based on the scientific evidence, we believe that no product addresses the hydration needs of high-power athletes as effectively as The Right Stuff. ... Once the public is aware with how well The Right Stuff works, we'll offer the technology more broadly to serve a wider range of consumers who want to maximize their hydration.”

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