Welly launches premium bandage, first aid collections

Welly, a collection of premium bandages and first aid products, has finally launched on physical and digital Target shelves.

Created by Eric Ryan, an entrepreneur behind the household band Method and nutrition brand Olly, and Doug Stukenborg, Welly looks to blend function and fun together.

"When we looked at first aid options, we saw a hugely stagnant category with products that were either geared towards children or meant to blend in, hidden in a way," Ryan, Welly co-founder said. "Healthcare and self-care are such important components to your overall lifestyle, and we wanted to apply that thinking to this everyday necessity. Cuts and scrapes are often a result of getting out into the world, exploring, and living to the fullest – that should always be celebrated."

Featuring a collection of 25 products that includes bandages, first aid tools and ointments that are packaged in stackable, recyclable tins that come in a wide range of prints, patterns and color palettes, Welly looks to help personalize first aid kits.

"We also heard from people that they often did not have what they needed when and where they needed it. We saw an opportunity to improve portability, storability and findability through thoughtful packaging innovations. The stackable nature of our tins helps people navigate to what they need. Inside the tins we separate sizes to help them quickly find the right bandage for the current need," co-founder and CEO Doug Stukenborg said.

Bandages are made with flexible fabric for toes, fingers, knees, elbows, blisters and more, antibacterial ointments come in original and enhanced formula, and anti-itch creams come with 1% hydrocortisone or extra strength formulas, the company said.

Other tools include scissors, tweezers, waterproof flex foam tape, non-stick gauze pads and more.

Welly’s price range from $4.99 to $9.99, and tins are available in half size and full size, and pre-made travel and on-the-go kits.