Willow introduces hands-free, mobile breast pumping solution

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Willow introduces hands-free, mobile breast pumping solution

By Michael Johnsen - 01/05/2017

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.  — Willow on Thursday introduced a breast pump mobile solution that untethers mom from the wall outlet. The new breast pump fits easily inside a bra, allowing women to achieve their breastfeeding goals without pressing pause on their own lives.

In a proprietary research study by Willow, 89% of moms claimed that their dream pump would be hands-free and wouldn't involve a cumbersome special bra and 67% said their ideal pump wouldn't require them to undress. So Willow designed a pump to fit conveniently into a woman's bra to allow her to pump discreetly while dressed. And for the 44% of moms who wished they didn't have to be connected to a machine that limited their mobility, the Willow pump leaves behind the external tubes, cords and desktop pumps so busy, multi-tasking moms can pump wherever the day takes them.

"We knew there had to be a better solution," said John Chang, chief technology officer for Willow. "We believe in designing with our ears. We listen, really listen to moms and what they need.  I am so proud of the Willow team. We are a mission-driven group of mothers, fathers and experienced inventors who created a better solution for moms' needs."

Willow works quietly and discreetly inside a woman's bra, collects milk in an enclosed leak-proof bag and tracks milk volume with an app.

"Current breast pumps require women to step out of life. Willow lets women live their lives," said Naomi Kelman, CEO and president of Willow. "We believe in bringing dignity and humanity to the breast pumping experience, because women shouldn't have to undress or give up who they are – or how they move – to be a mom."

Named with a nod to the willow tree that is strong and nurturing while able to bend to great challenges, Willow is FDA-cleared and will be available this spring with a suggested retail price of $429.  

Willow will be unveiled for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas during the Baby Tech Summit, as well as appearances at the ShowStoppers and Pepcom/Digital Experience events.

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