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Pepsi drops nitrogen-infused cola

Nitro Pepsi, a nitrogen-infused cola, is available in draft cola and vanilla draft cola varieties.

Pepsi is continuing to innovate the cola space.

The Purchase, N.Y.-based company is looking to give consumers a creamy and smooth beverage that contains a cascade of tiny bubbles and a frothy foam.

Nitro Pepsi is a nitrogen-infused cola that aims to be not only softer than a soft drink, but also deliver consumers a new way to enjoy beverages, the company said.

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nitro pepsi

“While soda has been a beverage of choice for so many consumers over the past century, some people still cite heavy carbonation as a barrier to enjoying an ice-cold cola,” Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing at Pepsi said. “With this in mind, we wanted to come up with a new way for people to enjoy delicious Pepsi cola, but with a new experience around the bubbles.”

Best served cold and ideally with ice, Nitro Pepsi is designed to be fully inverted into a tall glass in order to allow the unique foam to leave behind a frothy and foamy mustache, the company said.

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“Nitro Pepsi is a first-of-its-kind innovation that creates a smooth, creamy, delicious taste experience for fans everywhere,” Kaplan said. “Much like how nitrogen has transformed the beer and coffee categories, we believe Nitro Pepsi is a huge leap forward for the cola category and will redefine cola for years to come.”

Available in draft cola and vanilla draft cola varieties, Nitro Pepsi comes in newly designed cans that are single-serve and also packaged in packs of four.

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