Perdue debuts 2 new products

Perdue is introducing Flavor-Infused Chicken and Chicken Plus Snackers.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
perdue chicken plus snackers teaser

Perdue is unveiling two meal and snacking lines in its portfolio, Flavor-Infused Chicken and Chicken Plus Snackers.

The company said the product lines were developed as part of its continued focus on providing innovative, flavorful products that give consumers simple, high-quality, better-for-you options for meals and snacking occasions.

Perdue Flavor-Infused Chicken comes refrigerated, ready to heat and eat, is 100% natural and minimally processed without artificial ingredients, and is available in sesame ginger, green chili and Greek varieties. 

"Our chickens are raised with no antibiotics ever. Perdue uses a ‘sous vide’ cooking process to vacuum seal and slow-cook the chicken, resulting in ultra-tender, extra juicy, flavor-infused chicken fully cooked to perfection," the company said.  

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perdue flavor infused teaser

Perdue Chicken Plus Snackers is a bite-sized, pop-able snack that is 100% natural and minimally processed without artificial ingredients, the company said. 

Available in pizza, BBQ, and firecracker flavors, each serving contains 9 g of protein and is made with a blend of chicken, real plants and vegetables. 

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“Perdue is constantly innovating to meet the needs of consumers seeking easier, healthier ways to explore new flavors,” said Jeff Knabe, director of marketing of prepared foods innovation at Perdue Foods. “New Flavor-Infused Chicken gives consumers the chance to experience flavors from around the world and enjoy restaurant-quality, fresh meals at home. New Chicken Plus Snackers also deliver delicious flavor and are a healthier option within the snacking category that both teens and parents will love.”

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