Perrier x Murakami features vibrant pops of color

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Perrier x Murakami features vibrant pops of color


Perrier Carbonated Water has a brand new collab up its sleeves.

A vibrant collection inspired by the pop and colorful universe was created in partnership with artist Takashi Murakami.

The Perrier x Murakami line, debuting in October, will feature original artwork by Takashi Murakami screen-printed on its glass bottles.

Takashi Murakami is one of the most prominent contemporary living artists in the world. He has succeeded in creating art that is both accessible and deeply considered, with a flair for what is most fresh and most pertinent to the widest audience,” Paul Cordina, the global communication manager for Perrier said. “The vibrancy and delight of Murakami's work is the perfect match for Perrier, a brand that has invested for over a century in creativity to bring out a differentiating brand spirit, tinged with its unexpected, crazy and original personality. The brand has inspired and collaborated with some of the world's most famous and distinguished artists, such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Raymond Savignac and Bernard Villemot, who have each in their own way established a touch of artistic irreverence, providing them a space of expression in the identity of Perrier. We hope that this collaboration, inspired by the pop and colorful universe of Takashi Murakami and the creative spirit of Perrier, will increase the accessibility of art for an even broader global audience.”

Murakami’s signature flowers will be displayed on Perrier’s iconic green bottles, as will some of his other beloved characters, such as Kaikai and Kiki, who also will star in a 30-second animated film as part of the collaboration.

When Perrier first approached me, I felt extremely lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with this sparkling water brand with such a long history. It held many positive associations for me — for example when I was 32 and started living in New York, I used to drink Perrier a lot. Even further back, though, I have another very strong memory: I was on the first romantic date of my life at age 18 with a girl two years my senior. We went to a place in Ginza and I ordered a bottle of Perrier, mistaking it for alcohol. I remember it all so clearly — especially how confused I felt when I didn't feel any alcohol effects after drinking many glasses!” Murakami said. Perrier for me is closely associated first with the color green — of course! — and then, with the pleasant bubbling sound of carbonation. I'm grateful to be part of the brand's expanding views and future-facing concepts through this collaboration. I also wonder if today, when we can no longer unthinkingly hug, kiss, or shake hands, perhaps the stimulating sensation of the Perrier bubbles on our tongues will be even more heightened, as one of the enjoyable tactile experiences still available to us! I am delighted to be part of this collaboration with Perrier and I hope that together, we can heighten that sense of relationship further, sharing a little more joy and hope for the future.

From early October 2020, the premium limited-edition Perrier x Murakami bottles will be launched at global level, the company said.