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Brooklyn’s Medly focuses on patient-centric experiences

As pharmacy retailers look for more ways to increase revenue and try to attract and retain customers, they are introducing such services as home delivery of medications and over-the-counter medications.

Medly, a year-old pharmacy in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, is entering the fray by delivering prescription drugs to patients. The pharmacy, which is offering free delivery throughout New York City’s five boroughs, is the brainchild of Medly’s co-CEOs Sahaj Patel and Dr. Marg Patel, who also run a 13-store pharmacy chain located throughout New York City.

“We’re responding to the shift in demand by consumers, insurers and doctors,” said Chirag Kulkarni, the company’s chief marketing officer. “Consumers don’t want to have to work to get their medications. They want to have processes in place so that getting their prescriptions is easy, so they can improve their health. It’s a huge value proposition for doctors who want to make sure consumers are getting their medications.”

Medly offers consumers the convenience of using a mobile app, which enables patients to manage their prescriptions, request delivery of their prescriptions, and to get automated refills.

Patients receive a message when their prescription is ready for delivery. Although they can call Medly’s pharmacist, they can now text the pharmacist and receive a message back. “We noticed, that calling the pharmacy and being on hold, doesn’t always work for consumers,” Kulkarni said.

Medly works with Medicare and Medicaid customers Federally Qualified Health Centers to provide affordable access to prescription drugs to those who qualify.

Medly is already expanding its free delivery service to New Jersey in August and is planning to offer this service nationally and potentially internationally.
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