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CMP Pharma launches CaroSpir oral suspension


FARMVILLE, N.C. — Following its August approval, CMP Pharma on Monday launched its CaroSpir, a spironolactone oral suspension. Company leadership said CaroSpir is the first approved oral liquid dosage form of the diuretic.

The formulation is aimed at meeting the needs of patients with difficulty swallowing. Up to this point, CMP Pharma said these patients have relied on compounded formulations with limited shelf life and potential unreimbursed costs.

“CaroSpir is intended for a subset of the patient population that needs spironolactone but has difficulty swallowing or inability to swallow,” CMP Pharma CEO Gerald Sakowski said. “Until today there was no FDA-approved oral suspension of spironolactone to satisfy this unmet need. The availability of CaroSpir now gives healthcare providers and appropriate patients a convenient, safe and approved liquid option.”

CaroSpir is available in 118- and 473-ml bottles in 25 mg/5 ml dosage strength. It comes in a banana flavor, which the company said is a move aimed at improving compliance.

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