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eRx Network aims to streamline pharmacy management tasks

Managing the behind-the-counter, largely invisible to the patient, work within the pharmacy tends to take up time pharmacy staff could otherwise be using to help patients. Looking to lend pharmacies an assist is eRx Network, which company officials said exists to bring innovative solutions to pharmacy. Drug Store News spoke to eRx Network's CEO Mark Doerr to talk about how the company’s products help build profitability and pharmacy efficiency.

Drug Store News: Explain what the eRx Network is?
Mark Doerr: Our high-speed pharmacy network provides comprehensive, flexible solutions and data insights for pharmacies that are designed to integrate into existing workflows for maximum efficiency. The claims-switching service provides access to all U.S. third-party processors. Comprehensive services include claims processing and editing, real-time insurance verification, e-prescribing, medical and vaccination claims billing, and other services. Innovative solutions such as targeted messaging and electronic copay programs also are available, as well as web-based tools that provide transparency into claim information for analysis and reporting.

We also offer business intelligence tools, such as the new eRx Assist, which is aimed at offering Brand Pharma the opportunity to reduce drug abandonment rates by offering patients copay assistance on our network, direct through pharmacy software. eRx Assist is a data engine that drives prescription savings to patients, while increasing patient use and loyalty.

DSN: How do you help retailers build sales and profits?
MD: We help retailers build sales and profits by teaming up with Brand Pharma to offer Voucher on Demand, Inform, Redeem and other innovative patient-engagement strategies. eRx Network’s products provide significant savings to patients and help reduce prescription drug abandonment rates. These are digital products driven through our highly scalable and robust script routing network. Profitability is achieved from the savings we deliver to patients and the efficiency we establish for pharmacies. eRx Network’s digital products are designed to transmit directly through pharmacy workflow, helping pharmacies deliver timely cost savings and education without burdening daily operations.

DSN: What do retailers need to do to maximize this opportunity?
MD: Prospective clients can speak to an eRx Network sales representative, or an eRx account representative about receiving a product overview. Existing pharmacy clients can speak to Pharma companies about eRx’s digital Co-Pay Assistance products and how they help reduce drug abandonment rates. In fact, we are seeing an average savings of $120 per patient.
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