FDA approves NanoGuardian’s technology to fight counterfeiting


SKOKIE, Ill. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of NanoInk division NanoGuardian’s brand-protection technology on a company client’s products, NanoGuardian announced Monday.

The technology, NanoEncryption, uses nanolithographic encryption technology to covertly imprint information directly onto tablets, capsules and vials. The information includes dosage strength, expiration date, manufacturing information and the targeted site of distribution.

“This novel technology is virtually impossible to copy and creates an impenetrable barrier to reverse engineering by counterfeiters,” NanoInk chief executive officer James Hussey said.

The World Health Organization estimates that $55 billion worth of counterfeit and diverted pharmaceutical products enter the supply chain each year. NanoInk estimates that pharmaceutical companies lose $180 million a year to counterfeiting and diversion.

NanoInk launched the NanoGuardian division on May 5. It did not specify the name of the client using NanoEncryption technology in its Monday announcement.

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