McKesson publishes white paper integrating behavioral coaching to boost adherence


SAN FRANCISCO–  In conjunction with its sponsorship of the CBI Conference, McKesson on Tuesday announced the launch of a new whitepaper discussing how brands can effectively combat nonadherence by integrating behavioral coaching into comprehensive patient support programs.  

“The convergence of drug prices and patients’ rising financial obligations increases the likelihood of medication nonadherence by patients. Fortunately, there are effective tools to mitigate the risk of financially motivated primary fill abandonment,” stated Reagan Tully, VP product strategy for McKesson Specialty Health.

“However, it’s important to realize that most nonadherence is the result of behavioral barriers, such as low self-efficacy, lack of engagement or medication concerns, and addressing these is critical to improving compliance to a course of therapy," she said. "Leveraging behavioral coaching across communication channels, hub services and pharmacy channels allows brands to reach patients where they are within their treatment journey to build an integrated patient experience, drive positive health outcomes and increase medication adherence.”

At the conference, Tully led a session titled “Formulary Breakthroughs — Moving Beyond Co-Pay Programs to Encourage Collaboration and Improve Patient Outcomes.” The session addressed key payer challenges within the market impacting patient out of pocket costs.  The discussion focused on new methods for manufacturers to collaborate with payers and explore innovative, implementable solutions to ease patient cost burden, ultimately to drive patient adherence and outcomes.


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