Q&A: Mile High Labs focuses on safety, compliance

Jason Roth is looking long-term when he talks about the CBD marketplace. As CEO of Boulder, Colo.-based Mile High Labs, Roth said it is important to show all concerned, including various government agencies, retailers and consumers, that the correct steps are being taken to ensure that his company is in compliance. Drug Store News sat down with Roth to discuss the health of the CBD marketplace.

Drug Store News: What can you tell us about Mile High Lab’s offerings?
Jason Roth: Mile High Labs is an industrial-scale cannabinoid extractor that produces a considerable amount of the CBD full spectrum, distillate and isolate available on the market today. We operate the only end-to-end Good Manufacturing Practice-certified extraction facility in North America, which is why the industry›s most recognizable and successful brands rely on our CBD as their main active ingredient.

Our flagship extraction facility is in Loveland, Colo., and we have offices and distribution centers across the United States and Europe, allowing us to keep a finger on the pulse of the entire global CBD market.

DSN: What makes you different?
JR: We’ve always defined ourselves by what’s essential to the longevity of the CBD market: safety, compliance and consistency. Understanding regulatory pathways and achieving standard-setting compliance results are foundational to Mile High Labs, and these core principles still influence every decision we make.

Additionally, we’re the only cannabinoid extractor that has the technology and scalability to meet growing global demand. Our proprietary processes and equipment are unmatched, and we continue to push our production capacity higher on a daily basis.

The CBD market is booming. Still, there are many concerns in the marketplace with retailers about products and quality. How do you address this issue? Our entire supply chain has been built from the ground up with this retail environment in mind. Mile High’s hemp suppliers go through an extensive vetting process to ensure the quality and safety of their biomass. Every step of production is traced from the farm, to the lab, to the bottle, and our CBD undergoes multiple stages of testing before it reaches the hands of our customers.

We understand why retailers are apprehensive — CBD is extremely under-regulated right now, and many suppliers aren’t capable of holding themselves to the same standards that Mile High does. By devoting our company to the highest levels of regulation and transparency, we’ve been able to address these concerns and turn wary first-time buyers into long-term business partners.

DSN: Explain how retailers can maximize their potential?
JR: Retailers can maximize their potential by questioning where and how their
CBD products are made. Consumer interest in CBD is exploding, and first-time users are looking for retailers that can answer their questions and address their concerns. One of our primary focuses involves making sure that retailers are adequately equipped with the education and resources they need to feel comfortable answering these questions.

DSN: What’s the future for the category?
JR: The applications for CBD are almost limitless. Right now, CBD isolate is a hot commodity because of its potency and complete lack of THC. Water-soluble CBD is beginning to come into its own and will truly revolutionize the category by offering accurate dosing, no hemp flavor and extremely high bioavailability. The potential for water-soluble is beyond anything we’ve seen thus far, and it can easily mix with many existing formulations.

Based on recent consumer trends, many users are treating CBD as a daily supplement taken once in the morning and once more throughout the day. Timed and extended-release products will be the direction for these daily consumers.