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My Healthy Access in negotiations with 6 million-parishioner church


HOUSTON My Healthy Access, which recently signed a joint operating agreement with medical services company NuPhysicia to operate Telemedicine clinics in select Houston-area Wal-Mart Supercenters, has entered negotiations with Church of God in Christ Health Initiative to provide healthcare services to the church’s parishioners.

The Church has approximately 6 million parishioners in the United States, of which more than 100,000 worship or reside in the Houston metro area.

“We believe the church’s desire to provide affordable healthcare for its parishioners combined with our unique healthcare service delivery model will result in a very effective working relationship,” stated Kathleen Delaney, president of My Healthy Access. “If our negotiations progress as expected, we anticipate that we will begin to provide healthcare services to church members within 30 days.”

Through its operating agreement with NuPhysicia and Wal-Mart, the telemedicine clinics operate under the trade name “Walk-In Telemedicine Health Care.”

The telemedicine program, which is one of the service lines of NuPhysicia, enables physicians to serve patients using remote telemedicine through paramedics who examine patients under direct supervision of a physician. In other words, the paramedic serves as the “hands” of the physician while the physician sees and hears everything live in real time.

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