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Nick Jonas discusses his diabetes on dLife


WESTPORT, Conn. Pop sensation Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers has agreed to an exclusive interview to discuss his four-year struggle with Type 1 diabetes. The interview is set to air on dLIfeTV Sunday, July 19 at 7 p.m. on CNBC.

Jonas has succeeded in integrating diabetes management into the daily lifestyle of a pop music superstar. "Sometimes having diabetes can take away the joy of a situation," said Nick about the reality of diabetes. "It's a full life change."

By doing the interview, Jonas hopes to help raise awareness about diabetes, motivate others and ensure they know they are not alone.

"Nick Jonas is just 16 but he is a larger than life player in our culture and has a unique opportunity to share his story to benefit so many," said Howard Steinberg, founder and CEO of dLife. "He deserves credit for seizing this moment to help others. The reality is that every single American is touched by diabetes in some way. DLife's goal in interviewing Nick Jonas is to ensure he empowers the people that really need to hear his message."

An advance screening of the Jonas interview will be avilable one week prior to its premiere on CNBC for dLife members at

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