Patent settlements like the Cipro case help generics market move forward


ARLINGTON, Va. Patent challenge settlements are a lawful and valuable tool for bringing affordable medicines to market sooner than would otherwise be possible, the Generic Pharmaceutical Association said Wednesday following the decision by the United States Appeals Court upholding a lower court’s decisions relating to the validity of the patent challenge settlement in the Cipro case.

“Patent settlements have proven to be a valuable component in providing consumers with affordable medicines, as they have brought more affordable products to market sooner than otherwise would have been possible,” GPhA president and chief executive officer Kathleen Jaeger said. “The Appeals Court decision further supports our industry’s position that the mechanisms for reviewing the appropriateness of settlements are already adequate, and that any initiatives, such as legislative action proposed in recent years to eliminate or restrict settlements, are unnecessary.”

Cipro (ciprofoxacin) is an antibiotic manufactured by Bayer HealthCare.

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